DrawTech 7

Whether you want 3-D or 2-D drawing capabilities, DrawTech 7 gives you the flexibility to switch between the 2 on the fly.  With both methods, you can customize the system to draw per your shop standards as well as the standards of whatever manufacturer’s standard apply to each job.  Everything you draw with DrawTech 7, 3-D or 2-D is able to be taken-off at the push of a button.

DrawTech 7 FEATURING:  DrawTech 3-D Duct

The easiest to use, most innovative BIM solution on the market.

DrawTech has combined the functionality and power of AutoCAD MEP with DrawTech’s own “Push of a Button” method, to create a software that anyone can learn to use in just a few hours time.

No more searching through pallete after pallete looking for the fitting you want to draw next.  Every command is located on a compact, easy to navigate Ribbon.  Once you find the button you want and push it, the command line guides you through the simple process of creating your next fitting.


DrawTech 7 Including our Classic:  2-D Customized Ductwork Shop Drawing Software

When 3-D drawings are neither required or desired, DrawTech offers the unique advantage of being able to switch on the fly between the 3-D and 2-D menus.

Let’s say you want to draw your Mechanical room in 3-D, then continue from the Fire Damper at the MER wall in 2-D.  With DrawTech 7, all you do is select the 2-D ribbon, and keep working.



Key Benefits to DrawTech 7:

  • The ability to create drawings with “Push of a Button” simplicity
  • 3-D Model is Navisworks compatible
  • Bills of Material/Take-offs/Reports/Charts created at the touch of a button
  • Annual Service Plan Available
  • (8) Eight hours of online training included
  • (6) Six months of full support as detailed in our service plan is also included


Product Description Price
Initial Seat or License: $6,000.00
2nd Seat or License: $4,000.00
Additional Seats or Licenses: $2,000.00